Bioengineering Department Forms

Preliminary and Final Exam Scheduling Form (PDF)
Submit this form via email to the Bioengineering graduate programs coordinator at least three weeks before your Preliminary Examination. You must submit this form again three weeks before your Final Exam.

Petition to Change from M.S. to Ph.D. Program (PDF)

Graduate College Forms

Graduate Student Petition Details and Form
This is an all-purpose form used for transferring credit, changing academic programs, abstentia registration, and a variety of other changes.

Thesis/Dissertation Approval
Your Research Advisor signs this form for final approval of your Thesis or Dissertation. You file this with your final deposit of Thesis or Dissertation.

Late Registration and Late Course Change
Online registration closes after the 10th day of class. Use this form for adding/dropping/changing a course after that time. Submit it to the Office of Admissions and Records, 901 W. Illinois. After the sixth week of class department signatures are required.

Withdraw From Registration form

Credit/No Credit form


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New Graduate Concentrations: Biomechanics and Cancer Nanotechnology.

Graduate Info

Hyun Joon Kong
Interim Graduate Programs Director
bioe-gradprograms [at] illinois [dot] edu

Krista Smith
Graduate Programs Coordinator
bioe-gradprograms [at] illinois [dot] edu

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