Double Majors

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

TheCollege of Engineering (COE) and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) have a reciprocal agreement that allows students to double major in departments of those two colleges. A second major requires a minimum of 30 hours in addition to the degree requirements of each student's primary major.

To obtain a double major, students need to:

  • Go to COE Academic Programs office in 206 Engineering Hall to obtain the appropriate form.
  • Plan out the courses you would take to achieve 128 hours required in Bioengineering and the 30 additional hours required to obtain the second major.
  • Complete the form with the assistance of your Bioengineering department advisor, and obtain your advisor's signature once completed.
  • Proceed to the LAS Central Student Office in Room 144 Computing Applications Building, LAS, (333-1705), to obtain an LAS advisor signature.
  • Once completed, return the form to COE Academic Programs office for the signature of COE Advising Dean Umberto Ravioli.

College of Business

Students cannot double major in Business. Students can minor, but must apply for the Business minor with the College of Business. (See Minors page in links to the left under Advising.)